NedZink NOVA

Prepatinated Titanium zinc in sheets, coils and strips

NedZink NOVA is NedZink titanium zinc that undergoes a patination process to give a fully natural colour. The uniform medium-grey surface of NedZink NOVA originates after a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process.  No coating or lacquer layer is applied.  The structure and composition of the patina layer that is normally naturally formed by weather influences is simulated, and the natural properties of the titanium zinc are fully retained. Because NedZink NOVA is mainly used for aesthetically high quality applications, e.g. for façades, the products are provided with temporary surface protection.  This protection prevents minor damage and soiling during processing and assembly, and ensures an optimal appearance after application. On request NedZink NOVA can also be supplied with a transparent self-adhesive protective PE foil.

Download our datasheet "NedZink NOVA"